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Fostering Plus

Become a Fostering Plus Carer and help change a young person’s life

This is a very rewarding role where you can develop your skills. If you are an experienced foster carer, have worked, or work with vulnerable young people, this could be the role for you.

What is Fostering Plus?

Fostering Plus is an opportunity to provide a long term, family home for a child or young person aged 7-16 years old.

Some of the children and young people will have experienced many home breakdowns.  They are now in residential care or at risk of going into residential care and have a range of complex needs.

We match you with your foster child with care and through thoughtful introductions. We provide specialist, focused training and offer a range of routine and individual support.  You also receive a high level of operational support and management oversight.

What you need to be a Fostering Plus carer

You might have skills developed in previous professional roles.  Experience gained from working with or caring for vulnerable children or young people. Those with complex physical, emotional and behavioural needs. You might have experience as a foster carer. Or have significant experience living with vulnerable children or young people who have complex needs.

Fostering Plus will usually mean one foster child living in your home with no other dependent children living there. We will consider couples or individuals with other children in the household.  This has worked well with settled children who feel secure within their family.  We would assess your children to agree with you if they are likely to cope with a young person with complex needs.

This is a full time role. If you are a couple one carer will need to be able to dedicate their skills to the full time support of the young person.

You will be part of a multi-disciplinary team of support around the young person. As such, you commit to attending regular meetings, training and development opportunities.

The young person will need a bedroom of their own.

You must be able to drive and have access to a vehicle.

Call us for an informal chat on 01952 387387, complete our online enquiry form or email the team

Fostering Plus benefits

As an approved Fostering Plus carer, you will receive up to  £836.87 per week.  Plus additional expenses. This makes Fostering Plus a viable professional career choice.

You will receive a comprehensive package of bespoke training and support. This includes access to supervision and support groups. You also have access to support from a team of social care professionals. Out of hours support and access to an emergency support line.

For more information please contact our dedicated fostering service on 01952 387387.