Foster with your council or with another agency?

Fostering for your local council has lots of benefits that can help you and your foster child to live happily and comfortably. 

Telford Fostering offers: 

  • Homes for children locally, keeping them connected to their community, family and friends.
  • Relationships with other local foster carers and wider support networks.
  • Weekly allowances of generous payment structure.
  • Direct investments into services and carers – we're not for profit.
  • Localised specialist training on your doorstep.
  • Minimised travel time with local placements.
  • An on-call team who work as part of an Outstanding children’s services team to closely understand children and their personal situations to find homes with foster carers. 
  • Access to the virtual school team.
  • Ease and speed of contact of contact with children’s social workers.
  • Long-lasting, stable placements in the local community.
  • Emotional and practical support for foster carers before, during and after placements.
  • Community connections – a way for you to give back to your local area.

This makes us different to independent agencies. We are part of the local community, supporting our carers. We are a not-for-profit organisation. We care about you, our children, and doing the best we can to support you to be a successful foster carer.

Being part of a community and being able to give back is of huge importance to our foster carers so we think it will also be important to you.

By giving a home to a local child, you will be connecting with like-minded people in your area. By becoming a therapeutic foster parent, you’re not just opening your home, but your heart to a child in need. If this is something you could feel good about, , fostering could be for you.

We firmly believe that the work we do as a local authority supports the children in our area, gives them the best chance at a happy and supported life, and helps to minimise any disruption to both the foster child and foster parent's life.

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