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Who can Foster?

Did you know...?

Our foster parents are from all walks of life, there is no 'perfect' person we look for. Many foster children lack the positive family experience that most children have. All it takes is one foster parent to make that difference.

Foster carers come from a variety of backgrounds. They have different life experiences, skills and qualities to meet the diverse needs of children in care.

To be a foster carers you can:

  • have your own children or no previous parenting experience.
  • continue to work, depending on the type of fostering you want to do and the needs of the children you care for.
  • apply to foster whatever you cultural, ethnic, religious background or sexuality. You do need to demonstrate that you could support a child from a different background to yours.
  • be any age over 21 years, as long as you're in good general health.

What qualities do foster carers need to have?

We are looking for people who:

  • want to make a positive difference to a child's life and help them feel safe.
  • are patient, committed, empathetic and understanding.
  • have at least one spare room at home.
  • can provide a settled and stable environment for a child.
  • have time, availability and practical means to support a child, such as taking them to school, contact and activities.
  • can attend training.
  • have some relevant experience through previous employment, voluntary work or personal experience.
  • can work with professionals.
  • are full time residents in the UK or have leave to remain.

Priority children

We are particularly keen to hear from people who are able to care for children within at least one of our priority groups of children.  These are the children and young people for whom we need to find a home now.

Our priority groups include:

  • siblings groups of children of all ages.
  • children over the age of 10 years and teenagers.
  • children with disabilities.
  • children with complex health and emotional needs.
  • children needing permanent or long term placements.